Motorcycle Accident And Injury Claims: Jefferson/Dodge County

During the warmer months, Wisconsin is a haven for motorcyclists. The miles upon miles of rustic roads, abundant biker-friendly lodging and frequent motorcycle events make it a prime destination.

Despite the high volume of bikers who visit the state, many drivers still fail to pay attention to motorcycles on the road. They may be distracted by cellphones or rushing to get somewhere. Their carelessness may lead to a life-altering collision.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Wisconsin, seek legal guidance from Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation, a Limited Liability Company. We provide personal injury representation for both local and out-of-state riders. You can find assurance in our 20-plus years of experience advancing the rights of bikers.

The Advantages Of Seeking Legal Help From A Fellow Rider

Our attorney, Michael Witt, has been an avid rider his entire adult life. He is a longtime member of the American Motorcyclist Association and ABATE. As a result, he brings a deeper level of understanding to motorcycle accident cases. You won't have to worry about explaining basic information to him; his passion for motorcycles means he knows the culture, and he speaks your language.

At our firm, you will find a lawyer who combines extensive knowledge of the law with firsthand experience as a longtime biker.

Honest Advice

Your lawyer should be a source of realistic advice. You can expect us to level with you about the strength of your injury claim — and about what to expect for a potential recovery. We won't sugarcoat the legal process. Yet, at the same time, we will work hard to handle the legwork so you can focus on recovery and getting back on the road.

Protect Your Rights By Speaking With A Lawyer

Learn more about possible courses of legal action. Call 920-541-7092 or send us an email to discuss your rights during a free consultation. Located a stone's throw from the Jefferson County courthouse, we handle motorcycle accident cases statewide.