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Street drugs such as heroin are making a strong comeback across Wisconsin. Along with their increased prevalence come heightened crackdowns by law enforcement and prosecutors. Any type of controlled substance can lead to serious charges that may have a longstanding impact on your liberties and future.

Fortunately, you don't have to stand up to these charges on your own; turn to Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation, a Limited Liability Company, for professional legal advocacy. Our attorney has devoted the bulk of his career to defending everyday people in the trenches of the justice system. He has extensive trial experience, and he has handled virtually every type of drug-related charge, including:

  • Possession charges for drugs or drug paraphernalia found on your person, in your vehicle or otherwise under your control
  • Possession with intent to deliver, which is often based on evidence of dealing such as large quantities of drugs, extensive cash and drug packaging materials
  • Delivery charges for selling drugs
  • Manufacturing charges for creating controlled substances such as methamphetamine
  • Driving under the influence of drugs such as marijuana

Many of these charges come about through undercover buys, traffic stops and police searches. Each situation has a unique factual backdrop that may involve many layers of legal considerations.

Don't Miss Out On Opportunities To Challenge The Charges

We can help you take advantage of key opportunities for fighting the charges in your case. Depending on the circumstances, that may mean suppressing key evidence, pursuing a dismissal on procedural grounds, negotiating a favorable plea bargain or taking the case to trial.

Our attorney's extensive trial experience has earned him a respected reputation in the courtroom. His thorough trial preparation often lays the groundwork for a successful resolution, even when the case never ends up before a jury.

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